Gamma Scientific Products

Setamatic Penetrometer


The Setamatic Penetrometer is a microprocessor-controlled instrument with a range of 0 to 63 mm (630 Pen). Plunger release and retention is automatic and results are shown on the digital display in either millimetres or ‘pen’ units. Soak and penetration times may be set from 0 to 9999 seconds. An RS232C interface is provided for connection to a personal computer.


ASTM D5 ASTM D217 ASTM D937 ASTM D1321 ASTM D1403 ASTM D1831 ASTM D7342 IP 49 IP 50 IP 179 IP 310 IP 376 BS 1377 BS 2000-50 BS 2000-179 BS EN 1426 & BS 2000-49 BS EN 13880-2 DIN 51 579 DIN 51 580 ISO 2137