Gamma Scientific Products

KV6 Viscometer Bath


The KV-6 Viscometer Bath is a temperature-controlled bath that maintains the temperature of viscometer tubes, which are used to measure the viscosity of liquid petroleum products.

The instrument consists of an oil-filled temperature-controlled bath. The bath holds up to six standard viscometer tubes, which can be viewed through the glass panel at the front of the instrument. Each aperture has a cover to minimise heat loss when not in use. LEDs illuminate the bath so that you can view the viscometer tubes more easily.


ASTM D445 ASTM D446 ASTM D2170 ASTM D2270 IP 71 IP 226 IP 319 BS 188 BS 2000-71-2 & ISO 3105 BS EN 12595 & BS 2000-319 DIN 51 366 DIN 51 562 DIN EN ISO 3104 ISO 3104