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Seta Multi Filtration Tester (MFT) - 91600-4


The Seta Multi Filtration Tester (MFT) is a fully automated instrument, designed to test the Filter Blocking Tendency (FBT) of diesel, biodiesel (B100 & B5/7/20/30), gas oil, gas turbine fuel and kerosene.

The MFT features a colour touch screen and clear, simple user interface which guides the operator through the menu system and simple operating sequence. Results are stored internally and can be viewed on the screen or saved directly to a USB memory stick or LIMS for further data management and analysis. Alternatively, a printer can be connected using the RS232 serial port.

Designed to be compact and lightweight, the MFT’s small footprint makes it ideal for laboratories with limited bench space.

FBT analysis is achieved by measuring the pressure differential across a disposable filter. Fuels which have a high FBT could potentially block filters in the distribution network or during use in a vehicle or power plant.

MFT is also used to determine the FBT for BX fuels containing bio components, such as FAME (biofuel), which have been ‘cold soaked’ at a temperature just above zero Celsius. During the 16 hour cold soak particles of saturated monoglycerides (SMG’s) and sterol glucosides can be formed which do not dissolve when the temperature is raised back to ambient.


ASTM D2068ASTM D8386IP 387IP PM EA/13CGSB-3.0 NO.142