Gamma Scientific Products

Metals Digestion Equipment


HotBlockĀ® digestion systems provide clean, economically efficient digestions. Made of PTFE-coated graphite and other non-metallic materials, HotBlocks and their corresponding digestion vessels eliminate corrosion - a source of sample contamination. HotBlocks have been approved by the EPA as a suitable means of performing EPA methods including 3005, 3010, 3050A, 3050B, 200.2 and 200.7. The HotBlock is also EPA approved for Mercury prep methods 245.1, 245.6, 245.2, 245.7, 7470, 7471 and 1631.

HotBlocks use low cost, disposable digestion vessels that speed and simplify digestion procedures. These disposable vessels also serve as graduated cylinders and sample storage containers. They eliminate the need for glassware and glassware cleanup. Digestion vessels contain no detectable background contaminants and do not require acid washing prior to use.

Because heat surrounds the digestion vessel, less energy is required than traditional acid digestions with hot plates. Electrical energy required per sample is reduced by as much as 75%. HotBlocks are protected from runaway temperatures by the exclusive Safe-Sample(TM) feature. In the unlikely event of over-heating, an audible alarm in the HotBlock sounds and electrical power to the heater mat is interrupted. This prevents the loss of samples due to boiling.